Getting Started


What are the steps to getting started? Please read this section in its entirety  BEFORE  getting started

1. Complete the Rest Assured Professionals application process here
2. Complete an arise profile to begin the admissions process here

When asked for CPS who referred you enter “1639407”

What to expect during the Arise admissions process
(be sure to watch the video on the left of the page )

-Complete an automated  voice assessment

-Complete a background check. A drug test may be required for
certain projects.

-It is at this point that you have the opportunity to register your small business – or join Rest Assured Professionals, LLC as a CSP. By partnering with Rest Assured Professionals, LLC we take care of all the expensive legal fees for you.

-Choose the client program you would like to service and complete a client certification course to learn about the client program, performance metrics, client systems, and more. There are opportunities with many Fortune 500 companies!

-Login to the Arise portal and click on “Join an Arise Affiliated Corporation”.

-Next, you will need to enter the IB ID 90958 and click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon. Rest Assured Professionals, LLC will populate in the Name of Corporation field. The CSP then needs to confirm that this is the name of the Independent Business they wish to join.

-In the “Agreements” section, next to the View and Sign arrow(s), click on “View”.

-You must read the waiver and, if acceptable, click on “I Accept”.

-Then, click “Next” – and should see an “In Process” status next to the “Join an Independent Business in the Arise Network”.



Before completing this process  please read the below minimum requirements. Please be advised you must be able to meet the minimum requirements in order to be considered for this opportunity.


Minimum Requirements

You must be 18 years or older, and reside in the United States.

Arise is not currently open to new or returning business partners that reside within California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, or Wisconsin.

You work from your home, or any QUIET place where you can set up your computer, phone line, and hardwired (no wireless)  internet connection. If you have wireless connection you would simply need to plug the ISP cable into your computer while working.

Complete and pass a free background check

Note:  If you have felonies or bank fraud charges then you may not be eligible to provide services


Equipment  Requirements

You must have a desktop computer  (not all laptops are compatible with the client’s system), hard wired internet such as DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic connection and hard-wired telephone service. Generally, unless stated otherwise, phone services such as cable telephony, digital service and VOIP are usually compatible – be sure to check the opportunity announcement for each client or inquire with us.

You will also need:

A USB headset with microphone that you will use to complete online training courses.